Milan Soccer


Associazione Soccer Milan!! This is it now! Enough of this boring, monotonous, tedious definition. “Calcio” is over now. Thank you Mr Gerard “Gerry” Cardinale thanks for coming from USA, thanks for coming from Philadelphia. I like Philadelphia a lot, especially on bread, as a side dish but I have got to say what I love the most is Philadelphia on top of Maccaroni.
Maccarone m’hai provocato e io te distruggo adesso, maccarone! Io me te magno!
Milan Soccer has got a bright future now, amaricans mentality always looking to the future, always looking for new trophies and achievements will be our new guide. Forget the past, forget phrases like “if nobody gets out, nobody gets in”, forget that “little Gianni” restaurant, it’s time for burger now, it’s time of fried chicken and big Coke or Pepsi.
I will never forgive my parents, I would have loved to be americans myself:”Se anch’io da bimbo mamy fossi stato trasferito ner Kansas City……. invece me so’beccato “a scarlattina, you remember mamy?”
It’s with immense, enormous, gigantic servility that I m swearing my loyalty to this property, my ranch near San Donato Milanese is getting ready, horses and cows are already in my garage waiting to get ridden, and litres and litres of mayo are already in my kitchen.
My English, ehm sorry, my American is getting better and improving day by day,
“You take la tua street e segui sempre la tua main e nun te poi sbaglié! All right, all right!
Attention, nun annà a destra perché c’è er burone d’a Maranella, all right, all right
Now it’s time to move on, waiting for Botman, Sanches and Origi but also, hopefully, for some great americans talents. Busio from Venezia is one of them, with the utmost respect for Venezia and his players, don’t even mention it!
Be loyal to your soccer team dear Milan fans, “ask not what your team can do, ask what you can do for your team!!
We can make Milan Soccer great again!

Gauro Puma